Renata Vano

Renata Vano is a Brazilian dental Technician graduated since 1993 at Senac School in São Paulo
and Postgraduate in Removable Expert in the Technical Course Specialist in Removables since
2003 – Since 2004 she became a professor in the graduate courses for Dental Technicians and
later in 2006, she became a Professor of the Technical Specialization Course at Senac. Since then,
she has assumed the position of KOL Ivoclar becoming a lecturer and courses in São Paulo and
some other states of Brazil.

In 2016 she participated in the DTG Symposium in Utah – in the removable division, winning the
second place in the Competition – taking on an international visibility. From 2017 she became a
lecturer of international courses and DG member. In 2019, after learning about Digital Dentures in some laboratories in the USA opened its own laboratory in the city of São Paulo – she became KOL 3shape – and became the 1* Dental laboratory in Brazil to offer these Digital Dentures. Currently she is presenting the course “Digital Denture’s Workflow” introducing to doctors and dental technicians the most advanced techniques in CAI- CAD- CAM – for Dentures manufacturing..